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World Map with Global References

World Map with Global References

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Customize This Map Any Way You Want

Ready to Use and Royalty-Free!

Our World Map is provided in Adobe Illustrator
format both (.AI), & (.PDF) files are included

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This Multi Color World Map with Global Reference lines is available for purchase and can be easily modified in Adobe Illustrator.  Both .ai & .pdf file formats are included in the download map package. It is a layered, vector file format which makes it fully editable! With this vector format map you can add your own elements to this World map, edit borders, separate countries, alter colors, and hide or show layers any layer you want. You can also enlarge this world map without losing any quality. Use it to create custom wall posters!

This World map provided in Adobe Illustrator format contains the following layers:

  • Country Text
  • Country Capitals Text
  • Country Cities Text
  • Reference Text
  • Global References (Tropic of Cancer, Equator, etc)
  • National & Territorial Capitals
  • Country Objects with Borders (individual objects)
  • Oceans and Waterways

Creating sales presentations, PowerPoint presentations,
custom wall posters, reports, white papers and more!

You’re limited ONLY by your imagination!

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Download Editable World Map

Download Editable World Map


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World Map with Countries, Capitals, Major Cities

Editable World Map

World map is provided in Adobe Illustrator (AI) and (PDF) formats!


Ready to use, Royalty free this World map is easy to customize using Adobe Illustrator. The World map with Countries, Capitals, and Major cities is available in Adobe Illustrator vector .ai format. These vector files are fully editable and layered for a complete custom map presentation or digital project. With this vector formatted file you can easily resize the World map without losing any quality. All of the elements can be modified and you can even add your own elements into this powerful World map. Separate the countries, change the colors, edit the borders, show or hide layers and much more.

In the World Map Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format we have conveniently separated the main map elements into 7 easy to edit layers. The layers are:

  • Continent Text
  • Country Text
  • Country Capitals Text
  • Major Cities Text
  • National Capitals Text
  • Countries (individual objects)
  • Oceans & Waterways

This full featured World Map package contains 5 files that allow you to immediately start creating reports, sales presentations, PowerPoint presentations, white papers and much more. This World Map package is available for an immediate download at .

Files included in the World Map package are:

  • Multi colored (.ai) file
  • Multi colored (.pdf) file
  • Single colored (.ai) file
  • Single colored (.pdf) file
  • World outline (.ai) file

Map Requirements: Adobe Illustrator or fully compatible application is needed to edit the .ai and .pdf files.

Note: Files can be viewed using Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is not capable of editing files it is stricly for viewing .PDF files only!



Download Editable World Maps Here

Download Editable World Maps Here



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